Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hollywood Ghosts

Well in honor of my book "Old Man's Lake" coming out in eBook form on Kindle, Smashwords, etc. and soon to be available on Amazon in print version (sometime this week), I give to you a list of ghosts that supposedly belong to former Hollywood elite and where you can find them.

1. At the Roosevelt Hotel you can catch the ghosts of two different Hollywood souls. Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. Marilyn's image has been spotted several times in a full length mirror that once belonged in her poolside room. It's now located by an elevator on the ground level.

Also haunting the Roosevelt, Clift can be heard playing his trumpet and pacing the hallway while rehearsing his lines from the hit From Here To Eternity.

2. George Reeves' home is also a place to find a Hollywood spirit. It's said that he haunts the very home that he was found dead in. Whether it could be due to his reported suicide the police ruled it as, or to the theory of a murder based on an affair he was having, his spirit appears to be restless. Check out an underrated movie Hollywoodland that stars Adrian Brody, Ben Affleck (as George Reeves), Diane Lane, and Bob Hoskins to see the theories of Reeves' death.

3. Culver Studios is the site of  Thomas Ince's supposed haunting. Famous for being the place where Gone With The Wind was shot, filmmaker Ince was shot by William Randolph Hearst, who was aiming at Charlie Chaplin. Cold spots could be felt throughout the house, even in the summer and people often claim to hear his voice complaining about how the house is being kept.

4. Dan Akroyd says he feels that his home is haunted. It was the former home of Mama Cass of the Mamas And The Papas and from Akroyd has said, he believes it's her because he feels that it's the ghost of a larger person. He has reported that jewelry has slid across his dresser and felt a ghost slide into bed with him.

5. Sweet Lady Jane's restaurant has been the reported site of the spirit of Orson Wells. A spirit has been seen in his favorite booth, wearing a black cape, wide brimmed hat, and smoking a cigar that he used to enjoy while he was alive.

6. In a home off of Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, Lucille Ball supposedly haunts her former residence. Current residents have heard voices in the attic, windows have broken without explanation, and furniture has rearranged itself.

7. The famous Hollywood sign has a ghost haunting it too. During the 1930's Peg Entwistle came to Hollywood in hopes to become famous. Unfortunately, after one too many rejections, she climbed up the hill to the Hollywood sign, climbed to the top of the H and jumped. The day of her death, a letter was delivered to her home, saying she had won the part in a movie of a woman who commits suicide. Irony.

8. Lon Chaney Sr. is said to haunt Sound Stage 28 at Universal Studios. After his death in 1930, his figure has been seen running on the catwalks and lights have turned on and off without reason during the filming of other projects.

9. At Paramount Studios' Stage 31, Red Foxx is said to be heard laughing away at jokes that have been told. No real mischief is reported though. It's said that he just hangs out there, the studio where he died at from a heart attack.

10. Jean Harlow is said to be haunting the mansion in Hollywood she called home before she died of kidney failure at age 26. She was nearly murdered there by MGM executive Paul Bern and later that same year, he committed suicide in an upstairs bedroom. To this day, it's said that she roams the hallways of her former home.

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